Socorro is the story of La Virgen de Guadalupe. Marcelo prays fervently to her to help his daughter overcome her terminal heart condition, but when she appears from her painting, her faith is put to the test, as well as Marcelo's.

This was my first opportunity to put into practice what I had (at that point) spent a year and a half studying. I needed to recreate the costume from the famous painting of Guadalupe, as well as establish a color palette for Marcelo and Luz.

The difficulty with Guadalupe's and Luz's costumes was that the prints I needed on the fabrics weren't available anywhere within my budget. But, I was able to stamp the fabric using acrylic paint to create my own print for Luz's hospital gown and Guadalupe's cloak. Guadalupe's dress needed to have flowers on it, so after some high-resolution photos were taken to create our versions of the painting, I took the flower print that had been photoshopped onto her dress and embroidered it onto the actual dress.

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